Large Red Flame Macro on Rock

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Large Red Flame Macroalgae plant rooted growing naturally on piece of live rock.


Rusalty is the only aquarium store on line that sells naturally rooted saltwater plants on live rocks.


Our Red Flame macroalgae is the natural habitat to encourage growth of micro fauna like small shrimps , amphipods, copepods and small fish like gobies, seahorses etc.


The problem with commercially available macro algae for sale is that all aquarium store businesses sell algae that has been harvested by breaking it loose from it's natural rooted attachment on the rocks and substrate. 


So the aquarium hobbyist receives a plant that is free floating and difficult to get to grow and stay in one place in the saltwater display tank or reef tank.





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flame macro
Written by Peter on 7th Apr 2024

Great stuff. I get it whenever I can.