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Saltwater Sea Grass jumbo size blades for sale. Aquacultured USA. Manatee grass   (Syringodium filiforme).


Size Length: 16"+


Can be trimmed of you like it shorter. But you can plant it in shallow water and the stalks just bend down and grow. 


The sea grass won't stick out of the water, so you don't have to have a deep tank to plant these.


This strain of grass has stems and roots that are 3 times thicker than our other grass.


 Hardy strain of sea grass for saltwater aquarium. We have been culturing this for ten years. It’s great for growing baby seahorse fry and fish fry of all kinds also dwarf seahorse. 


Great for creating a sea horse habitat aquarium tank. Grass is the seahorses natural environment that they are genetically used to living and breeding in.


Excellent for dwarf seahorse aquariums.

Sea grass maintains water quality by consuming unwanted nutrients like phosphates, and nitrates produced by fish waist.


Sea grass originally comes from the habitat areas in the ocean where many species of fish, snails, crabs and shrimp start out their lives.


Saltwater sea grass is great for helping to keep aquarium water clean and healthy by absorbing nutrients and fish waist.


Sea grass for Refugium also, but needs light to thrive. Once it acclimates to your tank environment it will start to grow more stalks from the roots of the existing stalks. This is true marine sea grass: the marine version of terrestrial grass.


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Perfect grass
Written by benjamin dominia on 20th Jun 2020

This is perfect for a seahorse tank. Especially for hitching posts just like their actual environment in the ocean. Also great for regulating nitrates and phosphates. This is a must for macro algae display tanks and seahorse tanks or mixed reef tanks. Thanks

Reef Grass
Written by Colin McIntire on 29th May 2020

This stuff is robust! The grass was packaged well, and I received a generous amount. They’ve lost some material since I put them in my tank, but I think that’s to be expected.