Reef Tank

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For sale is an ideal live fish food combo for reef tanks and marine aquariums.


Seed refugium and main display tank with aquarium pods, reef pods and refugium pods, we have them all available.

Starting a new aquarium reef tank or refreshing the live micro fauna in an existing established tank or refugium?

Live food for reef tanks like saltwater pods and micro animals serve many important purposes in the modern saltwater marine aquarium.

Introducing these small animals will provide a necessary clean up crew which eats uneaten food fish waste and they scrape unwanted nuisance algae from rocks and substrate.

Forage animal for fish and corals.

Live food remains alive and does not contribute to water quality degradation like non live food items.


Reef Tank Live Food combo includes.

Saltwater Ghost feeder shrimp  200 cnt

Live Saltwater Amphipods          5000 cnt

Tisbe Copepods                           Gallon ( 60,000 Pods)

Macro Algae Chaeto                    1 cup

Phytopreme Live 6 types phyto    2 Quarts

Each organism packed in its own container.