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Mangrove seedlings for sale. Seahorse Hitching Post. Get Mangroves with beautiful large Prop roots and Save.


Best Mangrove Plants to buy on line. Rhizophora Mangle 18"- 24".


Aquaculture Nursery Farms is proud to offer Red mangrove plants with large Prop roots. 

You won't find mangroves like these delivered to your door that already have prop roots growing. 

The strength of the mangrove plant is in the roots.

When you buy mangroves you should look at the size and health of the root system.


Mangroves provide the best natural habitat for Amphipods, Copepods, and many other reef tank aquarium inhabitants.


Buy red mangrove plants to keep your reef aquarium water pure and free from problem nutrients such as nitrates, phosphates, ammonia.


When you buy red mangrove seedlings from ANF you will receive basic care instructions and tips for planting and care.

Something to consider when you buy ANF red mangrove seedlings, these mangrove plants take longer to grow and more effort to produce a mangrove not seen anywhere else in the world.


It takes us 4 times longer to grow our mangrove tree seedlings than any other nursery.


We do not like to do things the easy way, sacrificing quality like most mangrove nurseries.


Prop roots are one of the most attractive features to the mangrove display in the home aquarium.


We make sure that our mangroves have large prop roots on every mangrove we ship, this process is a lot more involved than all other nurseries that don't take the time and care to produce.


Prop roots are one of the most beautiful features of the mangrove plant. Fish, crabs, seahorse, and shrimp make their home in the prop roots of the mangrove plant. Seahorse love to use the mangrove prop roots as a hitching post, which makes them feel safe and less stressful in their home. So this allows your seahorses to lead more productive stress free lives.


Buy red mangroves and provide the best most healthy habitat for seahorse, copepods, amphipods, and all your coral and fish.

Can be grown in freshwater, Saltwater, or brackish water aquariums.

arrive alive or replacement for free

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Great product!
Written by Corbett Douglas on 26th Oct 2020

I live in Utah and was a little apprehensive about ordering these mangroves and having them shipped. The products arrived and are amazing! Their condition of the mangroves was great and care in packaging for the long shipping process was evident.

Written by Caleb Henry on 25th Jul 2020

Get plant bigger than I expected very happy with them.