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 Mangroves for sale introduce to Saltwater aquarium. Free Shipping. Buy the Best and get Quality Mangrove Tree.

You will notice in the pictures that these have very healthy bright red roots and they have leaves.  We are an ongoing living nursery grower, so by the time some of these mangrove seedlings get shipped out, they have matured further.

Our mangroves come to you with nice long healthy prop roots.


You will never see such long prop roots on any other mangroves on the net.


Why? Because it takes 4 times longer time and a lot more work to grow mangroves the way we do.


Prop roots are one of the most attractive features of the mangrove tree. We feel that mangroves should be grown with prop roots, the healthy root system is the most important part to consider when buying plants.

Can be grown in freshwater, Saltwater, or brackish water aquariums.

Also can be grown in pot with dirt. An attractive saltwater plant with flowers.

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Mangrove 12-18"
Written by Kenneth Goldsmith on 12th Sep 2020

The 3 shoots I received looked quite nice with good foliage and roots. See photo 1. In photo 2 I show a mangrove after having it in my sump for about a month or so from the last batch from RUSALTY.

Written by Paul Lauricella on 1st Dec 2018

Absolutely the best! Couldn't ask for better.