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Live Copepods Reef Soup + Phytoplankton for Sale. 


This combo includes Copepods Reef Soup and Phytopreme Live copepod food phytoplankton.


Reef Soup is a mix of 6 types of aquacultured copepods.


Tisbe, Pseudo, Acartia, Parvo, Tigger Pods, Apocyclops.

Phytopreme Live is a concentrated live micro algae consisting of 6 major types.

Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, Isochrysis, Pavlova,Thalassiosira  weissflogii, Synechococcus.

Arrive alive guarantee or we replace for free.

Product Reviews

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Written by Douglas on 11th Feb 2021

Came well insulated everything was alive and well packed. My 2nd order very happy

Love the Phyto
Written by Paul Lee on 17th Dec 2020

The phytopreme is my favorite new coral food. I was using a shelf stable dead phyto product before and one of the most stunning difference is the smell. The shelf stable smells like fish oil or a heavily musky scent. The phytopreme smells fresh and almost sweet in comparison. Between the two phyto products there is just no choice which one is actually alive and what I will be feeding from now on! Thanks RuSalty!

Convenient Packaging
Written by William Pantos on 9th Jul 2020

The Phyto comes in a squeeze bottle instead of what is shown. That helps. The reef soup is microscopic so I really don't know what eventually happened to it in the tank.

Reef soup and phyto
Written by Shawn Blevins on 6th Apr 2020

Great products and good shipping. Pods are always healthy and a they send a good amount. I really like to use phytoplankton seems to help with algae issues and overall tank health. I really like aquaculture nurseries great prices and selections.