Reef Support Combo

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These inverts occupy the bottom of the chain of life in the worlds ocean environment.

A version of these organisms is living everywhere in the worlds reefs, inshore estuaries and even at the deepest coldest parts of the ocean.

These small invertebrate species are essential for the rest of the larger animals to be able to exist and thrive in our worlds seas.

Small crustaceans and inverts like Porcelain crabs, emerald crabs, peppermint shrimp, Grass shrimp, Mysid shrimp, Horseshoe crabs, Amphipods etc. occupy the base of life on earth as we know it.

They are rarely noticed as they go about their lives and yet make all life possible on earth.

Acting like little organic machines they scavenge and clean the oceans substrate, and lead symbiotic lives with larger predator species performing in a menial capacity yet are as important as any other higher order animals. 

Now we provide live specimens for you to introduce to your saltwater reef tank aquarium, and you can observe them and you will be fascinated by observing their interactions with the environment.

Reef Support Combo contains:


Porcelain Crabs 30


Emerald Crabs  25


Grass Shrimp   200


Amphipods    6000


Horseshoe Crabs 15


Peppermint Shrimp 35


Mysid Shrimp 1000