Reef Tank Combo 700

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This invert pack includes the 7 best invertebrates in enough quantities to maintain a large saltwater aquarium tank.

When you introduce these support organisms you will be providing the missing link that is necessary to run a balanced ecosystem in your reef tank.

The modern reef tank aquarium requires the natural supporting animals that are an essential part of the complete circle of life that works so well in the worlds ocean reefs.



Porcelain Crabs 20

Emerald Crabs  15

Grass Shrimp   100

Amphipods    5000

Horseshoe Crabs 10

Peppermint Shrimp 25

Mysid Shrimp 500


Horseshoe crabs are the best sand sifters consuming cyano bacteria and slime algae leaving your sand bed and substrate nice and white and clean.

You will have a healthy substrate which is essential to the overall health of the saltwater aquarium system.


Grass shrimp spend their day eating coating nuisance algae from rocks and macro algae giving the live rock a chance to breath and promote larger quantities of the beneficial bacteria growth and the good calciferous algae growth in the reef tank aquarium.


Porcelain crabs are great scavengers of left over food and fish waste and scrape algae off of live rock crevices where snails can't get to it. Porcelain crabs are a great complement to your snail clean up crew. Porcelain crabs do not bother snails and have the tools to get into small crevices in the live rock.


Peppermint shrimp will help maintain water quality by eating left over fish food which when left uneaten by fish and coral feedings will decay and produce ammonia and phosphates. Peppermint shrimp are known as one of the cleaner shrimps which means they spend their day cleaning parasites off of the reef fish skin and scales and grooming your fish.


Amphipods and Mysid shrimp hide in the rock work and the come out at night to do their work which is further breaking down waist and organic debris. They will help keep your macro algae plants clean so they can grow healthy.