Orange Ridge Ear

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Orange Ridge sea sponge for sale also known as orange ear sponge.

Size 2"-3". Reef safe sponge.

Each sponge is unique in its shape. Buy a set of 3 of these and set up a sponge colony display garden in your reef tank.

Orange Ridge sponges are one of the hardiest and easy to keep of all the types of live sea sponges offered.

Sponges are a great water filter for marine reef tanks. They constantly filter water through holes in the body through out the day.

This is the method that sea sponges use to eat plankton and nutrients from the water.

Our live Sponges for sale are of the highest quality and very clean specimens.

Here you find the most variety of sea sponges available on line. Each specimen is unique one of a kind.

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yellow ear sponge
Written by Gary on 23rd Mar 2020

I received a beautiful healthy specimine, and so far seems to be doing great.... some instruction (included in pkg or on the site) for placing and anchoring would be helpful.... I read which direction it faces into the current is even critical for it to live - water must flow thru the correct direction and out the proper vents? The clear warnings about NO AIR exposure is important and very much appreciated, as any more learning/info would be. I AM VERY PLEASED with every experience buying livestock here

yellow sponge
Written by carl tolar on 20th Jan 2020

Doing very well and rcvd bonus pc. will buy from again Caarl

Written by Steve B. on 9th Dec 2019

Nice big specimen. Healthy. Doing great in my display tank.