Orange Yellow Encrusting LG

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Orange Yellow sea sponges large for Sale. Aplysina fulva Sponge.

Buy live sponges and get the best prices on line. One of a kind sponges for sale.

Size: 7"-9".

Sponge whole colonies not frags.

You will be amazed at the vibrant colors our special rare sea sponges produce.

Adding sponges to the saltwater aquarium reef tank makes not only a beautiful display of a rainbow of colors.

You are also adding a filter feeding organism that eats nutrients from the water column thus filtering your water for less water changes and helping with water quality control in a natural way.

Our sea sponges for sale go along with our philosophy of utilizing all the natural available elements to maintain a healthy reef tank aquarium.

Other benefits of sea sponges are that they are a natural habitat for reef animals like peppermint shrimp which in the wild live a macrobiotic relationship with sponges. Peppermint shrimp and other small crabs and shrimp provide a daily cleaning for the sponges pores while the sponge provides a nice home for the shrimp in it's many folds and holes and crevices.

Don't be surprised if you receive some pods and shrimp in the box with your sponge purchase.

Amnphipods and copepods love to live in the sponge and also consume the unwanted nuisance algae and in turn they make their amphipod homes in the sponges body.

Each of these sponges is one of a kind specimen, no two grow the same way.

Size: 7" -10"

Shipping is Free 1 day express for orders over $150, otherwise please choose 1 day shipping for live sponge orders.


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