Sammy Coral Colony 1

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Emerald Green Psammacora Contigua Full Colony. No frags here.

Size you receive is approximately 2"-3".

Our strain of Psamma or Sammy live coral colonies are well healed and in the growing faze.

These are small polyp stony coral or SPS corals, captive grown strain.

We have put these corals through every possible water parameters and aquarium environment including all kinds of light and intensities, water temp swings etc.

Even tank crashes where most everything in the tank died.

We are sure that you will have no problems with our very own developed hardy strain of this magnificent colored coral colony.

Captive grown aquacultured for 12 years in captivity coral colonies available for sale at Rusalty.

Buy aquacultured corals in whole colonies instead of frags.

Get a fast growing strain of a beautiful emerald green live coral that will adapt to almost any conditions in your saltwater reef tank aquarium.