Sammy Coral Colony 3

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Emerald Green Psammacora Contigua Colony 3. SPS Acropora Coral Colonies Aquacultured strain.

Size you receive is on average size 4"-5".

When you buy captive raised live coral colony at Rusalty you get a very hardy, fast growing, adaptable strain that will adapt to almost any condition in your reef tank aquarium.

Pictures are depictive of the coral piece you will receive.


This collection of aquacultured coral colonies are the result of years of development in stress environment adaptation.

Our RUSALTY Captive raised corals will adapt to almost any environment in your reef tank aquarium.

This strain of SPS or small polyp stony coral will survive almost any invironment and condition in the home aquarium.

Our corals have survived tank crashes when everything else died.

Swings in temperatures? no problem with this coral.

Our Psammacora Corals are fast growing strain.