Baby Brine Shrimp kit

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Live baby Brine Shrimp Grow out kit for sale with free shipping.


Live Baby Brine Shrimp for sale in a combo kit. Comes with everything you need to grow and harvest your own live brine shrimp (zooplankton).


We have put together this kit for people that need live brine shrimp, but need to bypass the hatching stage and just start with live baby brine shrimp shipped Free to your door.

The only items you would need to prepare is a container, plastic or glass and a small air pump. A 5- 10 gallon aquarium is good. Watch them grow through the stages to adulthood.


Get the best brine shrimp food to feed your live baby brine shrimp.


Kit includes:

  1. Baby Brine shrimp. Artemia nauplii. Hatched to order the day before shipped.
  2. 120um Sieve.
  3. Roti-Food 4 ounce
  4. Instructions step by step on how to set up, grow out, and maintain a live brine shrimp culture with minimal supplies and time dedicated.