Live Baby Brine Shrimp

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Buy live baby brine shrimp, also called Artemia Nauplii delivered to your door.
Baby brine shrimp for sale hatched to order in high concentrations and shipped the next business day.


Why buy live baby brine shrimp cultures on line?

Our Aquacultured live baby brine shrimp cultures for sale are a highly nutritious low cost supplemental live fish food for Mandarin fish.


Get one of the best live zooplankton for sale on line live artemia nauplii cultures and save.

We provide large quantity wholesale baby brine shrimp newly hatched nauplii, will deliver overnight to your facility.

Take the hassle and extra time and expense out of hatching your own brine shrimp. Send an email with your needs and we will send you a quote for wholesale quantities of live brine shrimp nauplii.

We are the only shop where you can get live newly hatched brine shrimp nauplii hatched to order and delivered to your door when you need it.

Place baby brine shrimp in a small cup and squirt some of our Phytopreme Live algae and let the shrimp load themselves with the phytoplankton for 30 minutes before feeding to mandarin fish.

Best Live Fish Food for jellyfish. You can buy food for your jelly fish and have it delivered to your door on a subscription recurring basis. You can pick your schedule. Go to for recurring orders Shrimp subscriptions.

Baby newborn brine shrimpo are an excellent live fish food for seahorse and mandarin fish food and coral food.. Receive high density cultures of live baby brine shrimp Artemia Nauplii.

These portions of baby brine shrimp will be shipped out 36 to 48 hours after you order. This enables us to hatch a fresh batch every time you order so you receive newly hatched baby brine shrimp .

Baby brine shrimp will be packaged with live saltwater algae,(nanochloropsis, Tetraselmis) Comes with detailed directions and tips for how to use in various applications.

Baby brine shrimp are great for having a readily available source of highly nutritious food for your aquarium animals, freshwater and saltwater alike.


1 Quart: 500,000+ Nauplii

2 Quart: 1.5 Million+ Nauplii

3 Quart: 2 Million+ Nauplii

1 Gallon: 4 Million+ Nauplii

2 Gallon: 10 Million Nauplii


Saltwater animals such as anemones, Jellyfish, mandarins, seahorses, gobies, Clownfish, damsels, and any fish that eats meaty foods will benefit from live, newly hatched brine shrimp. It can be target fed to anemones. They will stay alive when used to feed freshwater aquariums, for a few hours. Long enough to be consumed by your fish. Feed it to your Tetras, Cardinal tetras, angelfish, Discus, cichlids, any omnivore, or carnivore.

Raising Fish fry and Larvae:

Excellent for raising Jellyfish, Clownfish fry, Seahorse fry, Discus fry, Cardinal fry, Goby fry, Discus fry, Angelfish fry, Killifish fry, Guppy fry, Beta fry, etc¿

Can be enriched with our Roti-food 4 hours before feeding to aquarium.

Baby brine shrimp cultures can be kept alive for extended periods up to approximately two weeks or so by placing in the refrigerator. Cold temperature slows down their metabolism, thereby they grow much slower, and remain with their yolk sac longer.

Benefits of live foods like baby brine shrimp:

Baby brine shrimp contain essential vitamins, amino acids, Fatty acids, enzymes etc. dry foods contain very little to none of these elements when they undergo the drying treatment. Frozen foods are somewhat better, but still lacking a lot of these essential elements . When animals kill and eat live food, they are ingesting a fresh kill which will contain these important elements in their diet.

This is the reason why, we as humans in this modern age, are sometimes diagnosed by the doctor as having varies vitamin deficiencies, for example, Calcium and mineral deficiencies. And lately, enzymes have become a documented issue. We eat processed foods,so we end up having to try to supplement our diet with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.

Same thing our pets are missing. Dried and frozen foods are OK to maintain our fish and corals and invertebrates, but they will slowly become deficient in all the necessary nutrients and minerals that they need to survive for their normal extended life span. By feeding live foods to our aquarium occupants, we ensure their reproductive, immune system, and optimum growth levels are maintained.


Get baby brine shrimp for sale and provide a highly nutritious and necessary dietary need for your saltwater fish and corals.


So it is very important for a nursery and hatchery set up to feed live foods like baby brine shrimp as often as possible. Likewise in the home aquarium situation, we should try to feed live foods to our fish and corals at least once a week, thus complementing their regular diet of frozen or freeze dried.

Guaranteed Live arrival or we send a new replacement.

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Baby Brine Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 2nd Feb 2023

My Seahorses and Pipefish just gobble them up, so they must be delicious.

Live Baby Brine Shrimp
Written by Amy P. on 26th Jan 2023

Another hit from RUSALTY! My Seahorses are loving them, just wish they had mysis in stock too!

Written by Frank on 19th Dec 2021

Save yourself and just buy these. I tried doing it myself and it's not financially feesible to do it cheaper than this superior company! Definitely worth every single cent,!

Live Baby Brine Shrimp for my Guppy Fry
Written by Shayne on 14th Jan 2021

I ordered the baby brines on a Friday night and got them two days earlier than expected. Super fast shipping and all 17 of my Guppy Fry absolutely LOVE them.

Bbs live
Written by Sith’ari on 20th Aug 2020

All live all good!

They Came in the Nick of Time
Written by Griffin Edward Gluck on 28th Apr 2020

I had a surprise baby hatchling axolotl and nothing to feed it. I express ordered the baby brine shrimp as they arent meant to eat the frozen stuff until they are older. It arrived today healtht and alive and my baby immediately ate a bunch of it.

receive alive and fish were very happy
Written by undefined on 31st Oct 2016

Great service and good products