Rotifer Culture Starter Kit

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Live Rotifers for sale (Brachionus Plicatilis).


When you buy our live rotifer strain it is one of the most important live feed items in the food chain. It is used all over the world in production nurseries, fish and invertebrate farms and utilized for culturing and raising saltwater animals such as corals, vertebrate and invertebrate larvae of all kinds of species, fish and shrimp, crustaceans, etc. 


Saltwater rotifer starter kit contains:

Live Marine Rotifers,4 oz bottle Roti- Food, and 4 in. 53 micron sieve. All that you need to start and maintain your own saltwater rotifer culture.

SIZE: 150 to 300um - all adult breeding rotifers for best nutritional value

Will be shipped in a dense solution of Phtyopreme Live 6 types of Micro Algae Phyto. (This is the food that we feed our Zooplankton cultures here at the nursery)

These rotifers are in the 150 - 350 um size which creates the crucial link between single cell algae and larger zooplankton in your tank, like different species of copepods, amphipods, and shrimp.

From a small hatchery operation's point of view, obtaining your live cultures from us will free up valuable time spent developing your own. We believe that we have developed a cost effective solution for supplying you with the healthiest, most nutritious zooplankton cultures.

Our rotifers can be used to feed most types of corals, newly hatched fish fry and larvae, seahorse fry, copepods, and amphipods. You will notice an immediate reaction from your corals if they have never been fed live zooplankton in your aquarium. They will open up and stick out tentacles that they hardly ever revealed before.

We harvest your rotifers the morning of shipment to ensure you get the freshest possible culture and we package them in Nannochloropsus and Tetraselmis algae.