Rotifers Whole Dried

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Buy Saltwater Rotifers Whole Dried. Save on Rotifers Get Free Shipping.Buy Dry Rotifers to have rotifers available when yo need them in a convenient whole organism dry form.

feed Clownfish fry larvae, and fish fry.

Ready to feed as is, for those times that you end up short on live rotifers, or as a supplement.

These enriched rotifers are the natural feed for most larval fish and invertebrates in freshwater as well as saltwater fish breeding. Their small size is an ideal first food for small larvae and fry….. to be able to fit in their mouths. This is one of the main obstacles that we encounter when trying to breed fish. Second obstacle would be the nutritional value of the feed. Nutritional value which these rotifers provide.

 Naturally enriched by micro-algae, rotifers are highly digestible and high in protein (60%). This convenient freeze-dried form of this widely-used feed enables anyone to deliver the benefits of rotifer nutrition. We use these whole dried rotifers to supplement our live rotifer feed in our nursery.


 Freeze-dried Rotifers are nutritious and affordable. Proximate Analysis: Protein, 60%; Fat, 11%; Ash, 11%; Fiber, 5%; Moisture 7.7%. Bulk Density: 0.144gm/cm3

You will find that these portions that we have available are a lot more affordable than mainstream prepackaged fish food. Another benefit is that these are whole dehydrated organisms.

The foods that we are offering here are at the cutting edge of future nutrition for us and our pets at home.

These natural diets are what gives health and longevity to our captive animals.