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Copepods Reef Soup for Sale. Blend of 6 types of Copepods at the highest densities and best prices.


Get Copepods with guaranteed delivery service to receive the freshest possible specimens to your door.



Why buy Copepods for the saltwater aquarium tank?


With Copepods in your tank you will be able to keep your fish healthy that otherwise have a hard time adapting to life in captivity.


By regularly infussing Copepods in the aquarium reef tank eventually you can achieve a live reproducing population of copepods circulating through out your system.



Contains; High density concentration of saltwater copepods. 

6 kinds of live Phytoplankton (Marine micro algae) Isochrysis, Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, Pavlova, Thalassiosira, Synechococcus.

6 species of live saltwater copepods. Parvo, Acartia, Pseudo, Tisbe, Tigger Pods, Apocyclops pods. Sizes from 20 mic to 3 mil. Including nauplii to adults.


Copepods come in many different shapes, some are benthic and spend their lives crawling on live rock and substrate. Other Copepods are free swimming and spend their lives in the water column.

Copepods are an essential part of the regular diet of many fish and corals. Some fish hunt on the substrate and rocks like Mandarin fish, Gibies, Butterfly fish. Other fish hunt in the water column on suspended Copepods.


Copepods are also a great part of the diet of most corals. Corals have tentacles which capture the copepods passing by suspended in the water.


Copepods help with many aspects of maintaining a healthy reef tank system including water quality. 


Copepods consume detritus, left over food and fish waste which helps in breaking down protein for the next level down in the bacteria cycle.


Copepods come in varying sizes. There are some as small as 50 microns and some large copepods that can get as big as 2 millimeters in size.


Now with Copepods being regularly available and affordable the home aquarist can have the benefits that these zooplankton provide.

Hard to keep species like Seahorses and Mandarin Fish, and fish like Butterfly fish which feed exclusively on Copepods and Amphipods are now becoming easier to keep and we are starting to see breeding behaviour which is a sign of healthy specimens in captivity.


Copepods are also a great benefit when raising or keeping corals of all types.


Copepods are one of the most food items that coral eat in the wild ocean reefs.


Copepods comprise a large portion of the animals that convert the sun's energy to proteins, omega oils and fatty acids. Copepods are the second link in this chain. First comes the Phytoplankton single celled micro algae which uses the sun light, then Copepods eat the phyto and then the large animals in the food chain are able to sustain themselves including the great whales.

Without these important steps that copepods provide, our planet would be devoid of all higher order life as we know it.

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Product Reviews

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Reef soup
Written by Joseph D. on 8th Apr 2022

Best pods in the biz! You get way more than advertised and super healthy. Several different species and very lively. Great customer service and shipping! Will continue to order regularly!

pods review
Written by Yvonne on 16th Sep 2021

So far so good! I have a separate tank for raising copepods for a Mandarin i hope to get!

Reef soup
Written by Bill vandergriff on 7th Mar 2021

Love the addition of copepods into my tank. I can see them all over my glass. I love that my fish have natural food choices.

Reef soup 6 types
Written by Tonnica Sasanas on 3rd Sep 2020

very impressed loaded with pods just as described great communication super fast shipping

Reef Soup
Written by Gail R. on 16th Jan 2020

Excellent condition upon arrival and all stages of development. Shipment packaged very well - will definitely order again.

One of the better deals around
Written by Alfred on 29th Aug 2016

The reef soup is better than I expected -- more live specimens than from any other company. I was worried that the water seemed to be a bit yellow at first. However, seen in natural sunlight, the water was clear/clean. I would recommend this product.

Great place to buy from
Written by Don on 24th Nov 2015

I have purchased from this company three times. I must say they are very quick to answer any questions and concerns. And go above and beyond their responsibility of making sure you're happy. There was a slight problem with one of my orders that are 100% believe what's the fault of the post office and he was quick to replace what was wrong even though on more than one occasion in our conversations that I told him I believe the problem lies with the delay of the post office who for some reason held back on the delivery. Now for the product itself. My coral seem to love this as do my mandarins , dragonettes I have seen a tremendous difference in my fish and coral since I've started using this if you want health fish and coral this is a must I have purchased this product before it's not my first time. If you use this and buy the food for it I am sure you will notice the difference