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Copepods Mix 5 Types Copepods for sale. Get high density copepod cultures.

Copepod Mix includes: Tisbe Biminiensis Copepods plus 4 other copepod types.

 Fish and corals need the balanced nutrition derived from copepods.


Buy copepods and amphipods to provide live fish food for your fish and corals.

Our Copepods are grown aquacultured with 6 kinds of live Phytoplankton (Marine micro algae) Isochrysis, Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, Pavlova, Thalassiosira, Synechococcus.

Copepods come in 5 Types,  Parvo, Acartia, Pseudo, Apocyclops, Tisbe or Tisbe Biminiensis. Sizes from 20 mic to 3 mil. Including nauplii to adults.

Copepods are an essential ingredient to a successful saltwater Aquarium reef tank. 

Copepods are detritus eaters which makes them a micro clean up crew and other types of Copepods are water filters which means they help to maintain water quality buy constantly filtering the water consuming phytoplankton.

Copepods provide key ingredients for health and longevity in fish and corals.

Copepods produce omega fatty acids and other enzymes that fish and corals are missing in their diet when kept in captivity.

Copepdos can reproduce in the aquarium, so with regular infusions of live saltwater copepods eventually you can establish a replenishing source of valuable live food for your reef tank system. 

Copepods come in many different varieties, some are harpacticoid which means they walk or crawl around rocks and substrate. Some Copepods are calanoid whcih means they drift in the water column and filter feed phytoplankton in the water.

Arrive Alive or you receive free replacement.

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Written by Yvonne on 16th Sep 2021

Working on having my own culture to feed a Mandarin i’m hoping to get.

Written by Wendy Tomlin on 11th Sep 2021

Arrived right on time. Very nicely packaged. Just wish I’d have gotten more! Kind of silly not to after paying the shipping and packaging. Next time!

Great product
Written by Keith on 15th May 2021

My fish looked at they could not get enough to eat will definitely buy this again

Pods were great
Written by Todd on 22nd May 2020

Arrived exactly how promised. They were very active

Great mix of pods
Written by Kenneth J Canterbury on 14th Jul 2018

This was my first time ordering pods from Aqua Culture nursery farms and I was a bit hesitant, as their prices where considerably less than others I have ordered from. I placed an order, and within 2 days the pods arrived at my door. Packed well, with a small cold pack. The pod bottle was warm, but not hot. When checked by placing a led flashlight against the bottle, it was beaming with life!! Thousands of pods!!! More than I have seen from any one else I've ordered at literally half the cost! Customer service and shipping is great! I will never order pods from anyone else!