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Buy Copepods Whole Dried and Save. Free Shipping on Dry Copepods.

Buy Dry Copepods and save. Apocyclops Royi.

Provide the best nutrition available to your fish and corals.

These are the size of a newly hatched brine shrimp.

These copepods are convenient to keep fish food. Store in an airtight container in the dark. Also can be kept in refrigerator for long shelf life.

They provide a practical supplement to live fish food.

Their small size makes them ideal for rearing fish fry and larvae for breeding operations, as well as hobbyists’ use in feeding home aquariums.

Used as Coral Food:

Place a portion in a cup of aquarium water and let them get nice and rehydrated, soggy. Let sit for ½ hour. Then feed in water stream to distribute throughout aquarium for corals and fish.

Compared to artemia, (Brine shrimp) this zooplankton will be a lot higher in HUFA content and fatty acid OMEGA-3 composition. It makes a great combination with brine shrimp.

You will experience increased survival rates in fish larvae when combining copepods and artemia nauplii by adding the nutritional elements of both.

Feeding and handling are more practical and time saving.

Culture cost are lowered.

These copepods are washed and filtered before freeze drying to retain there natural whole organism nutrient value and digestibility. (57% protein)

Can be used for both marine and freshwater aquaria and breeding operations.

Proximate Analysis: Protein, 57%; Fat, 7%; Ash, 12%; Fiber, 4.9%; Moisture, 7.6%. Bulk density: 0.11gm/cm3

Will come with instructions in package.


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Written by Steven g nichols on 22nd Jan 2021

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