Spirulina Pure Algae

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Spirulina Pacifica is a free-flowing powder comprised of blue-green algae.


Spray-dried 99% PURE.

You can mix this powder with your moist fish food or feed it directly to your invertebrates.

Can be applied as food for brine shrimp, Artemia, Daphnia, Shrimp, Fish larva, Clams, any filter feeder, etc…

It is a great source of amino acids (45% Protein), pigments (carotenoids), vitamins and minerals. Spirulina is particularly rich in carotenoid and xanthophyll pigments, factors which are important in attaining bright skin colors in captive fish.

Benefits of using spirulina as fish food.

Increased growth, improved immune system, improved skin and fin regeneration and appearance, and improved coloring.

When preparing a home diet mixture. Add 3- 5 % spirulina to the mix.

You can feed this powder directly to brine shrimp, copepod, Daphnia, cultures as well as shrimp and fish larvae cultures, etc….

These natural diets are what gives health and longevity to our captive animals.