Fluorescent Orange Coralline Algae

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Fluorescent Orange Coralline algae seed for sale.


Another first organism never before seen in the aquarium hobby made available by Rusalty.


Never seen in home  aquarium tanks before, here you have bright neon orange colored coralline algae.


Best way to grow coralline algae is to get a few small pieces of this orange coralline algae to seed your aquarium and live rock with coralline algae.


Not coralline algae in a bottle. An actual frag piece of orange coralline algae starter plug.


You can see in the pics that they were taken outdoors on a lawn under direct sun light.


No blue lights or tricks needed for this algae to show it's brilliant coloration in your tank.


Orange coralline algae grows like an encrusting or plating corals adhering to rock formation.


Just glue the frag when you receive it on your live rock and it will start spreading and coating your live rock with astonishing vibrant orange color.


Buy orange coralline algae frag and you will have a color in your tank that very few corals can rival.


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Coralline Algae or Encrusting Coral
Written by Don D. on 25th Aug 2022

I question if this is truly coralline algae. It looks to me as an encrusting coral of some sort plus I have never heard of orange coralline algae. Pretty neat regardless.