Fire Ball Macro Algae

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Dragons Tongue Fire Ball Macro algae for sale also known as Pom Pom Macro Algae.

You get an entire plant of Dragons Tongue Fire Ball Algae not a frag.

Plant size you receive: Large 6"-8", Small 3"-4" diameter ball.

This measurement is the diameter of a perfect round spherical ball the size of my hand or larger.

Beginner level macroalgae, easy to grow and maintain.

If your a seahorse breeder or seahorse tank keeper get some of this Fire ball macro algae to provide the best natural habitat for seahorses and baby newborn seahorses.

Seahorse will naturally want to attach to this beautiful macro algae, recognizing it as their natural habitat which will make them stress free and feel at home.


Dragons Tongue saltwater plant grows from a center point outward in a spherical ball. Just picture a round ball that grows all directions like a nice round Pom Pom.


Hardy and easy to keep and grow saltwater plant makes this Dragons Tongue Red macro algae the best macroalgae for saltwater aquariums and reef tanks or seahorse tanks.


Fire ball macro algae makes the best seahorse hitching post and decorates the seahorse aquarium. Amphipods and Copepods will flock to this macro algae and set up their breeding colonies in the ball. You will notice your seahorses gravitating over to this macroalgae almost as soon as you plant this saltwater plant in your tank.


Dragons Tongue Fire Ball saltwater macro algae plant. Ours is our own unique strain variety that we culture exclusively.  Also known as Pom Pom Algae, Hayi, Gracilaria.


Dragons Tongue  macroalgae is a wonder. We cultured this macro algae for the past 5 years, It's finally available for sale and it's a stunner.


Dragons tongue Fire Ball Algae will rival any coral in it's structure and vibrant color.

This strain of aquacultured Dragons Tongue algae is hardy easy to keep and reef safe for the saltwater aquarium.

Dragons Tongue has all the properties of chaeto macro algae, also it makes the best ornamental display piece for the reef tank.

Fire Ball Dragons Tongue algae is our own unique cultured macro algae strain and it is non invasive and will grow in a spherical ball formation so it stays contained in the area of your tank that you want it to grow in.

The bold red color of this macro will rival any coral in the display tank and soon become the center piece of your aquarium.

Dragons Tongue algae algae is one of the best types of saltwater plants for seahorse aquariums. Seahorses will immediately gravitate to this algae as soon as they see it in their tank and will soon become the seahorses favorite hitching post. 

Seahorses will spend their day hooking their tails on this macro algae and feeding off of the populations of Amphipods that make this algae ball their home.

If you want to encourage Amphipods and pods to have breeding colonies in your tank and breed in larger numbers this the one of the best macro algae to buy.

This growth form of Pom Pom macro algae is the natural habitat for small animals like amphipods and copepods and many small shrimps and crabs in the wild ocean reefs.

Our Aquacultured Dragons Tongue Fire Ball Plants are the best natural pod hotel and copepod haven, why use a plastic or non live object as a amphipod hotel when you can give your pods the best home that nature can provide.



Product Reviews

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Dwarf seahorses
Written by Amy on 22nd Sep 2022

They arrived safe and sound I really enjoy watching them such funny little things my male from previous order was very happy to get new females lol.

Great ball of fire
Written by Xao Thao on 26th May 2022

This was a gorgeous fire ball macro algae. It was in one piece. My shrimps loved it and so do my seahorses. I just keep my macro algae in the main display because it provides a place for my pods, amphipods, and shrimp to hide and reproduce.

Fire Ball Macro Algae
Written by Cynthia A Burnett on 5th May 2022

This plant was amazing. It really looked great in the shipping bag and has already started growing in my tank.

Great fire ball!
Written by Matt S on 4th May 2022

Very healthy and full when it arrived overnight!

fire ball macro
Written by Peter Houde on 20th Mar 2022

Generously sized balls

Written by Larry on 19th Mar 2022

Best product u can order came fast an had extra in it best site hands down

Fire ball macro algae
Written by Paula on 29th Apr 2021

Love this, it looks awesome in my tank, and gives the little mysis shrimp a place to hide out.

Fire Ball Macro
Written by Scott on 10th Apr 2021

Beautiful specimen. It went straight into my refugium with no problems. Good purchase. I will likely buy more if this one does well. The sponges are tempting!

Written by Kevin Bell on 1st Apr 2021

This algae is awesome. Probably gonna get more soon.Well worth every penny and very healthy.

Fire Ball Macro Algae
Written by FRANK MORINE on 28th Mar 2021

Very nice and a very generous portion.

Great value!
Written by Evan on 5th Mar 2021

I ordered the golf ball sized portion and got a chunk the size of my hand! Super healthy and really filled out my 10 gallon. A small portion had the orange tip but I hope I can figure out how to have the rest of it take on that coloration. That section looks amazing under actinic light.

Fireball Macro Algae
Written by Mike on 2nd Mar 2021

Arrived in great condition and much larger than expected.

Fire Ball MacroAlgae
Written by Brandon on 11th Feb 2021

I’m very pleased with the Fire Ball I received. It was about the size of a softball, very healthy looking and really gave some color to my display tank. I got this to serve as a chaeto replacement since it’s sold out everywhere and I also do have a sump. This fireball looks great I’m my display tank. My only complaint was the shipping didn’t arrive in the two days I paid for. It took three days instead. Not a big deal, not sure what happened but the packaging it came in was insulated really well 3 times over so tha plant was fine. It is 40 degree weather this time of year Would buy again if I need more

Fire Ball Macro Algae
Written by Harry T. on 10th Feb 2021

Ordered 3" size Fire Ball Algae it arrived on time and well packed, double insulated. Generous size and is growing in my refugium. This was my 2nd order and wont be my last.

Chaeto , Tiger Pods & Fire Ball Macro Algae Purchase
Written by Harry T on 4th Feb 2021

Ordered was shipped fast, packaged very well and everything in great condition. This was my second order from Rusalty and plan to make additional purchases.

Fire Ball
Written by Kenneth Torres on 14th Jan 2021

This product arrived on time and in good quality condition. The size of the product was as big if not bigger than expected. Would purchase again and recommend to anyone considering this product.

Healthy as anticipated
Written by Andrew Labbate on 31st Dec 2020

Great macroalgae. Looks good and came in healthy despite FedEx delaying the shipment a day due to holiday season.

Bigger than ecpected
Written by Jeremy Escalante on 21st Dec 2020

Huge deep red ball looks great in my aquarium

fire ball
Written by jerry buda on 12th Dec 2020

my second of fireball. like the first came in perfect condition, very nice plant.

Fireball algae
Written by Jerry on 10th Dec 2020

Came quickly in perfect shape. Larger and more beautiful then I expected.

Written by Logan Cooksey on 24th Oct 2020

Ordered a golf ball size piece of Chaeto and a small pice of fireball algae and it arrived quickly, well packaged and looking healthy! Will definitely use again for other products!

Written by Robert Blatt on 23rd Oct 2020

nice macroalgae

Ordered and received some Fire Ball Macro Algae
Written by Brian Harris on 23rd Oct 2020

Ordered and received some Fire Ball Macro Algae. It arrived well packed and in relatively good shape. I dropped both in my refugium and they're both looking great!

Great product
Written by Broderick L Pinkney on 2nd Oct 2020

Quick shipping. Actually way bigger and fuller than I expected. Looks great in my tank. Definitely look forward to ordering more products from this company.

Fire ball macro algae
Written by Kyle kleinberg on 30th Jul 2020

Stunning coloration. MUCH larger than what i was expecting. Very pleased

Huge, Gorgeous and Full of Life
Written by Tim on 23rd Jul 2020

I loved this Macroalgae. Absolutely gorgeous and was full of life in its branches. Nice red ball of algae.

Fire ball
Written by Randall Hood on 14th May 2020

Very nice