Keys Reef Octopus Tiny

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Reef Octopus Tiny the size of a Nickle literally but so cute!!!


Pics do not show the actual little octopus but it is the same species.


When you purchase our octopus, you are getting the healthiest specimens available anywhere.



We hand collect our Octopus in the Florida Keys while diving at night when they are awake and active.


You can see the size reference in the pics with the hand holding the Octopus.



We are both collector and shipper of your octopus from the moment of capture to arriving at your door.


We greatly reduce the amount of days that the octopus spends from the time it is removed from its home on the reef to when it arrives to its new home in your care.


There are no middlemen involved or wholesalers keeping the octopus in captivity for lengthy periods of time with little or no food and in poor environmental conditions.


Cephalopods like the reef octopus are a fascinating intelligent pet to keep and observe in captivity.



Octopuses have the ability to learn your human behavior by observation and adapt to your interaction with them like a house pet.


For small dwarf Octopus go to the Octopus king Page.

The octopus will definitely test it's tank security and will learn how to escape if not secured properly, please keep a lid on your tank.