Red Porcelain Crab

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Red Porcelain crabs for sale for saltwater aquariums.


I know that I look like a cooked lobster dinner, but that is my natural complexion that I was born with.

There's nothing wrong with me.


I promise if you rescue me and take me to live in your home I will be the friendliest tank mate in your display aquarium.


I also perform menial tasks throughout the day including cleaning your aquarium and live rocks.


If you don't feed me directly, I can just eat nuisance algae and left over food that you feed your fish.

Everyone knows, fish are messy eaters!


Get porcelain crabs to add to your clean up crew to help maintain clean rock work and substrate.


The Porcelain crab has a flat, round body with two large front claws.


 Porcelain crabs are easy to keep and hardy. These crabs are great algae eaters and aquarium cleaners. 



Red Porcelain crabs are a great addition to the clean up crew and will keep your live rock and substrate clean of nuisance algae, cyano bacteria, left over food and fish waste. Porcelain crabs are a compliment to the clean up crew along with Amphipods and Tisbe Copepods.



Red Porcelain crabs have specialized front arms called maxillipeds, which have ends that are like sieves or tiny nets that they use for filtering the water for plankton.


 Porcelain crabs are very interesting to watch as they sift the water for plankton with their hands/ appendages.

 Porcelain crabs are peaceful and reef safe coral safe and interesting invertebrates for the marine saltwater reef tank aquarium.


Red Porcelain crab.

 Size: 1/2” – 1 “.


Porcelain Crabs live together in pairs and will set up their house on your live rock in your reef tank.

Porcelain crabs will also eat left over meaty foods when you feed your fish and corals.

A great food for Porcelain crabs is our ANF Coral Extacy Amphipod Food Hatching Food, which contains the organisms that these crabs are used to eating in their diet in the wild reefs of the ocean.

The flat and compact body enables the animal to hide in between rock crevices and beneath stones. It is also found in between tufts of macro algae, corals, sponges, and mussels.

Porcelain crabs love to hang out in chaeto macro algae and other saltwater plants.




Arrive alive or we replace at no cost.

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Written by Joe on 18th May 2022

I love ice cream and crabzzzzz

red porcelain crabs
Written by pat on 16th Mar 2022

love these much better than the bland colored porcelains.they stand out nicely