Amphipod Food

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Coral Extacy is the best food for Amphipods and shrimp.

What do Amphipods eat?

Want your Amphipod populations to explode?

Get Coral Extacy Amphipod food and hatching reef food and feed once daily to your refugium and main tank.

Amphipods set up breeding colonies in the reef tank aquarium by scavenging for food and algae. 

You can increase your populations by feeding your Amphipods once a day with this highly nutritious concentrated hatching liquid Amphipod Food.

Having large population of live Amphipods will insure that your fish like mandarin goby and seahorses will remain healthy while foraging all day.


Actively feed your Copepods with phytopreme copepod food and also your Amphipod populations and watch your numbers expode in your aquarium and refugium or sump.


Get Amphipod food and maintain healthy Amphipods in your saltwater reef tank.



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great food option for corals
Written by Brutsey on 7th Apr 2022

chock full of goodness for your tank.