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Sea Cucumbers come in a variety of colors from bright yellow to the multicolor called variegated sea slug or yellow cucumber.


When you buy sea cucumbers for your reef tank aquarium you get one of the best sand sifters to keep your aquarium substrate healthy and looking good.


Size is 2" - 4" but they have a habit of changing there shape and size depending on their mood.


Pick either the variegated or the yellow sea cucumbers, or get some of each to complement your reef tank.


Sea cucumbers will spend their time sifting through your sand bed adding oxygen and eating diatoms and nuisance cyano bacteria that can toxify the substrate in the saltwater aquarium.


These nuisance coating algae and slime algae prevent the healthy bacteria from reproducing in the reef tank.


Sea Cucumbers are essential part of a clean up crew to compliment snails and horseshoe crabs, and hermit crabs.


Yellow sea cucumbers are benign and will not bother other tank inhabitants like fish and corals.


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