Sea Whip Yellow L

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Large Yellow Sea Whips or Gargonians for sale at Rusalty.


Get Sea Whips that are attached growing on live reef rock base.


Sea whips come in many different bright colors that will show without nay special lighting.


Sea whips are one of the best types of organisms to display in the home aquarium, sea whips provide the perfect counterpart to the other hard stony corals in the reef display.


Species Pterogorgia. Non Photosynthetic. Filter feeding organism.


Size: 10"-15". Care level easy. Reef Safe. Growing rooted on live rock.


Add the beauty of bright colored soft corals that are very hardy and easy to keep and also provides swaying motion in the water current to attract the eye.


Bring out the vibrant colors that Seahorses can exhibit by providing a small stand of Sea Whips in your aquarium set up.

Add some Phyopreme live phyto to your order to make sure you have the best live food for Sea Whips Gargonians.

Sea whips require 1 day shipping.


Arrive alive or free replacement.