Sea Whip Yellow

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Yellow Sea Whips or Gargonians for sale at Rusalty.

Buy rare Sea Whips  to add to your collection in your reef tank aquarium.

Sea whips are and excellent invertebrate to grow in seahorse tanks.

Species Pterogorgia. Non Photosynthetic. Filter feeding organism.


Size: 6"-10". Care level easy. Reef Safe. Growing rooted on live rock.


Seahorses will immediately be attracted to the numerous branches of the Sea Whip and use them as a seahorse natural hitching post.

If your Seahorse has the pigmentation they will start turning the particular color of the Sea whip that they attach too.


Bring out the vibrant colors that Seahorses can exhibit by providing a small stand of Sea Whips in your aquarium set up.

Add some Phyopreme live phyto to your order to make sure you have the best live food for Sea Whips Gargonians.

Sea whips require 1 day shipping.


Arrive alive or free replacement.

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Sea Whip Yellow
Written by Keith on 25th Jul 2020

Beautiful sea whip. Color was bright and the piece was much larger than I would have thought. Sets off my seahorse tank nicely.