Golden Pods

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Buy Concentrated Copepods Golden Pods Copepods. Get Live Copepod Supplement Fish Food. Next best food to live copepods. Use this concentrated whole copepods to supplement live copepod feedings.

Reasons to buy fish food Golden Pods. Golden Pods is one of the best non live Moon Jellyfish Food on the internet. Get Free Shipping.

Saltwater Reef Fish go crazy when fed Golden Pods Fish Food saltwater fish food.

Another new saltwater marine fish food developed by Aquaculture Nursery Farms that is not available anywhere else in the world.

These copepods are whole organisms preserved in liquid, to retain most of the nutritional profile of the live copepod. We use this as one of the first foods to wean baby seahorses and clownfish fry. We use Arctic Pods Feast (size .25 -1mm) first then the next larger food is “Golden Pods Fish Food” (size 1-3mm) when the seahorse fry grow a little larger. Also good fish food for adult seahorses and many other reef fish like mandarins etc,These whole copepods are soft, chewy & crispy: which makes it appealing to all fish as far as texture & taste. You will immediately notice your fish showing excitement when you feed this food for the first time. Also an excellent food for Invertebrates, Anemones, Zoanthids, LPS corals, Shrimp and finicky eaters like pipefish, Seahorses, Angelfish, Mandarin goby, and many others. All fish love the taste of Golden Pods. 

These copepods are highly nutritious. 

Contain: Carotenoids, high protein %, Omega-3, Omega-6 Fatty acids, Waxy Esters. 

Size of copepods is from 1 to 3 millimeters. Larger then Arctic Pod Feast. This is the next larger sized prey item after we have been feeding Artic Pod Feast. All fish, including tiny fish with small mouths like mandarins, small gobies, and seahorses, and small fry can fit these copepods in their mouth. Small mouthed fish, like pigmy Angels can also eat this copepod.


We use this diet to wean marine fish larvae: like clownfish larvae and goby larvae etc. Also excellent for training Seahorse fry to accept non live fish food.