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Tiger Pods. Buy Copepods Tiger Pods For Sale.


Buy Tiger Tigriopus Californicus Copepods also known as Tiger Pods to give your fish and seahorses the best live saltwater fish food.


Tiger Pods are considerably larger than our other copepods. We culture our Tiger Pods in the same conditions of standard reef tank water parameters, temperatures and salinity. 


When you buy Tiger Pods at ANF you receive copepods that are used to living and breeding in the same conditions that your reef aquarium has. Our cultures have the best chance of adapting and thriving in your reef tank, if they can avoid predation by your fish. Try placing some in your refugium and feed them some of our Phytopreme Live copepod food.


Tiger pods are an excellent addition to the coral reef aquarium tank. Not only providing a micro clean up crew. Tiger Pods will crawl and swim around the aquarium and become a natural live fish food source for mandarin fish food, dragonettes, gobies, blennies, and Seahorse food, etc. This species is one of the hardier copepods. It will adapt readily to differing conditions in the home aquarium and establish a breeding colony in and among your live rock and refugium. They are also one of the fastest, more prolific breeders.


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Written by Paula on 9th Dec 2021

I have bought these pods several times now for my mandarin just to make sure my numbers stay up and they are always awesome. Very quick shipping and the pods are always super active when I get them. He’s fat and happy so he thanks y’all for a great food!

Tiger Pods
Written by Harry T on 10th Feb 2021

Ordered Tiger Pods, they arrived on time and well packed, double insulated. Great size and very active. Added them to my just set up refugium. This was my 2nd order and wont be my last.

Chaeto , Tiger Pods & Fire Ball Macro Algae Purchase
Written by Harry T on 4th Feb 2021

Ordered was shipped fast, packaged very well and everything in great condition. This was my second order from Rusalty and plan to make additional purchases.

Great looking pods
Written by Paula on 29th Jan 2021

Pods came quickly and were very active. Put them in with the chaeto I ordered and can't wait to see the numbers grow. Would definitely order them from here again.

Arrive Alive
Written by Gonzalo Lassally on 6th Jun 2020

Everything arrived alive and super quickly. Great customer service.

Arrived on time and alive
Written by undefined on 19th Mar 2016

Very active larger pod. Don't know how well they took to my aquarium, but seem like a good pod to try and get established.

Great price and quality
Written by undefined on 16th Jan 2016

Pods arrived quickly and were quite lively. These are priced the same or even less than what I can get at the LFS- which isn't very local for me.