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Apocyclops Pods for sale or Apocyclops Copepods for sale or APE Pods.

Apocyclops Panamensis or Apocyclops Pods are easy to culture and raise so you can have a constant supply of live copepods to feed your fish and aquarium.


Get Apocyclops Pods to give your saltwater reef fish like Mandarins and Anthias the best nutrition available that live food can provide.


APE Pods are one of the hardiest types of pods we culture. Which makes these copepods easier to culture so you can maintain a live source of zooplankton for your saltwater aquarium at home.

All you need is a batch of our APE Pods and some of our live phytoplankton concentrated blend of 6 types of marine micro algae. 

Get some of our Phytopreme Live to feed the pods and set up a 5 or 10 gallon container with a small air pump and try your hand at culturing these copepods.

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Arrived alive and on time
Written by KW on 20th Mar 2023

They arrived on time and in perfect condition. Very happy with product and will order again.

Written by Marie on 24th Dec 2019

I poured half of this in my dwarf seahorse tank and half in a 10g i have set up for cyclops. The seahorse tank still looks like a snowstorm and they look like they have settled in the sponges I have set up in the 10g. I'm very hopeful for a self supporting colony. Dwarves can eat thousands of these a day.