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Plankton in a Bottle
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Buy the best liquid hatching coral food and fish food for sale at RUSALTY. Get Coral Extacy Liquid whole organism hatching coral food and fish food.


Best Amphipod food. Fresh zooplankton harvested and packaged from our aquaculture copepod vats at our plankton copepod farm in Florida.

Plankton in a Bottle liquid hatching reef tank fish coral amphipod food.


Contains micron sized concentrated zooplankton whole intact organisms in liquid form ready for feeding corals such as SPS LPS Acan, Acropora, Hammer, Frog Spawn, Torch, Montipora, etc...



Copepods, Rotifers, Oyster Eggs, Urchin Eggs, Red Phytoplankton (Natu Rose) Astaxanthin, Hatching Decapsulated Shrimp eggs, Copepod eggs.


Copepods 6 types; Tisbe biminiensis, Pseudo Diaptomus, Acartia Tonsa, Parvo Calanus, Cyclops, Apo Cyclops copepods.



Astaxanthin is the carotedoid pigment which gives fish and corals their coloration.


Decap's eggs which are filled with vitamins and minerals of the shrimp embrio and the eggs which float off and don't get eaten right away go on to hatch 24 hours later and provide live zooplankton for fish corals, anemones and many more.


Sea Urchin Eggs and Oyster Eggs which are part of the plankton soup and the right micron size for corals.

Corals feed on these types organisms in the wild ocean reefs. In the plankton soup in the ocean.


Hundred percent guaranteed fresh Copepods and plankton coral food and fish food or your money back.

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ampthropod live hatching food
Written by franklin falango on 8th Jun 2021

this stuff is well packaged and very concintrated will buy again thanks

Hatching food
Written by Steven on 11th Dec 2020

Fish & corals LOVE Hasn’t affect water pars

Coral Extacy
Written by William P Pantos on 30th Aug 2020

Another great product of Rusalty that no one else has. Zu-Feast, Coral Extacy, Brine Shrimp eggs are all excellent ways to add food variety to the tank without adding excess nitrates.