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Buy Larger portions of our live seahorse food Aquarium Food for sale in combos 32oz. Get Copepods,Amphipods, Brine shrimp, Rotifers, Phytoplankton, Feeder Ghost Shrimp and other plankton to feed your seahorses and Mandarin Fish.

For larger seahorse tanks we have available these live seahorse food combos. Get all your seahorse food for your seahorse tank at RUSALTY, by in bulk and save


What is the best seahorse food? Saltwater Amphipod Cultures for sale.


Best way to keep seahorses in captivity is to have a steady supply of live seahorse food plankton cultures to feed seahorses.

Take the worry out of keeping Mandarin fish healthy by supplying a steady live feed program of live amphipods and copepods.

Corals, Fish and all your other tank inhabitants will also greatly benefit from regular infusions of a variety of live zooplankton.

Each organism is packed individually. Packed in insulated boxes.


Seed your refugium with live plankton cultures copepods, Amphipods and feeder shrimp. 


Absolute Arrive alive guarantee or you receive a free replacement.

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Solid package!
Written by Neil on 26th Jun 2021

Everything arrived perfectly. For those needing a good size pod crew and feeder shrimp as a treat this is a great package.