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Copepods Amphipods Phyto Baby Brine Shrimp and More. Get Combos Free Shipping. Required

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Best live food for seahorse. Get seahorse food for sale and have a steady supply of live fish food for your seahorses. Our Live Copepods are the best live food for mandarin fish. These live copepods and amphipods make the best mandarin fish food.


Seed your refugium and main display aquarium tank with live plankton. Get refugium pods, Reef pods and aquarium pods.


 Amphipods and copepods are the best live food for seahorses also. Add some to your seahorse tank for a healthy seahorse.


If you run a seahorse tank you need our live fish food combos. Seahorses are best kept with live prey items such as live Amphipods, live Copepods, and brine shrimp.


Arrive alive guarantee.