Mysid Shrimp Combos

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Mysid Fish Food Combos.



Buy Copepods and Mysid shrimp along with Amphipods online in fish food combo packs and save. Give your fish tank a variety of live zooplankton of different sizes to achieve a balanced ecosystem.


If you buy Mysid combos you get a mix of different live zooplankton and Phytoplankton that will complete the life cycle in your reef tank.


Mysid combos with Free Shipping, shipped overnight 1 day express.

Each organism packaged individually.


By adding monthly infusions of a variety of Mysid shrimp or Mysis shrimp and the other various organisms you will be providing a well rounded nutritional diet for your fish and corals and you will have a constant supply of live mysid as forage food in your aquarium system.



These live fish food combos are a great way of getting a some of each type of plankton, zooplankton and Phytoplankton we culture all in one package at an affordable price.


Aquacultured Mysid cultures delivered to your door.

Unconditional arrive alive guarantee or you receive a free replacement.