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Mysid Shrimp Wholesale Bulk Quantities for sale.


Buy live saltwater Aquacultured Mysid shrimp cultures at Rusalty.


Why is ANF the best place to buy Mysid shrimp cultures in bulk wholesale Mysis or Mysid quantities and save?

Get aquacultured food grade disease free and pathogen free Mysid stage or post larvae white shrimp juveniles.

You receive 6mm - 10mm in length perfect size for feeding seahorses, pipefish and many other saltwater fish with small mouths and seahorse aquariums.

These PLs or post larvae Mysid feeder shrimp are much hardier and easy to keep and grow than regular Mysid shrimp.

These juvenile food shrimp are many times more nutritous per ounce than Mysid shrimp.

When the seahorse ingests one of these shrimp it is the equivalent nutritional value of 5 mysid.


If you need larger sized prey animals, just place these shrimp in a small tank or in your refugium and feed them some meaty foods and watch them grow fast.


With the right food within weeks you will have 1" plus sized shrimp to feed larger fish and squid and cuttlefish.


We have the largest inventory of aquacultured live Mysid stage Pls white shrimp source available for sale on demand so you can have a steady supply of live fish food and seahorse food.

Pls post larvae mysid stage shrimp are great for school projects or breeding operations and science projects.



We are the industry leader in producing aqua-cultured marine Mysid shrimp also known as Mysis shrimp. 



For Mysid shrimp bulk orders of 10,000 or more email for quote and lead times at 



Due to high demands on some weeks, Mysid cultures can sometimes take a week to ship from the day you place your order.


This rarely happens but if this is the case, we will notify you or you can email and ask us at


We will try our best to accommodate your immediate shipping requirements.



Mysid shrimp are a great source of live seahorse food and fish food. Great addition to the coral reef saltwater aquarium.


Common names for them are Possum shrimp or sometimes called mysis.


Our farm raised mysid shrimp are raised in the same water conditions and salinity found in the home reef aquarium.


Given the right habitat setup and conditions our cultured Mysid can reproduce and live in your saltwater reef aquarium for a constant supply of live zooplankton.


For tips on establishing a breeding colony of Mysid shrimp in your reef aquarium and more info on mysid shrimp click on Mysid info at the top of the home page.


We package 25% more than the quantity ordered. Aquacultured in USA.



Absolute Live arrival. 100% money back guarantee.

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One of the best sellers of marine live foods!
Written by Xao Thao on 9th Jun 2022

I love Rusalty/Aquaculture Nursery Farms! I’ve bought ghost shrimp to amphipods to copepods to mysids and I’m super happy about the quality, price, and fast shipping! I can always count on my orders getting on time the next day. The mysids I received are perfect. There’s no other word to describe it. There wasn’t a single dead shrimp. None at all! They were all very active and I’ve actually never seen a live mysid before, but I’ve got a tank full of them now as good for my seahorses. They’re the perfect size, just long and skinny and easy for even my smallest seahorse to eat. I am extremely happy with my purchase and I look forward to purchasing more in the future. Thank you!

Great buy
Written by Danny on 2nd Dec 2021

Shrimp come in clean and healthy. My fish and seahorses go crazy for them and I toss extra ones in my sump to keep a consistent population.