Mysid Shrimp Food

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Buy the best Mysid Shrimp Food.

No other Mysid Mysis shrimp Food like this on the market.

Get Mysid shrimp Food to feed your Mysid culture the most nutritious food.

Load the Mysid shrimp with the best vitamins so your Seahorses, Fish and invertebrates get the best possible diet. 


Three choices for Mysid or Mysis shrimp Food:

Choose one of these from the drop down menu above.

Artic Pod Feast: Concentrated Copepods.


Golden Pods: Concentrated Copepods.


Non- Hatching Liquid Decap'd Shrimp Eggs: Hydrated, Highly concentrated. Ready to Feed in a convenient pour cap bottle kept refrigerated. These eggs are highly nutritious for fish and corals as well. No need to hydrate them before using since they are in liquid form.


Get Mysid Food copepods to increase reproduction in Mysis shrimp. Best live mysid food.

To keep your Live Mysid shrimp living healthy and reproducing, feed them concentrated copepods.

Buy concentrated copepods Arctic Pod Feast, Golden Pods and Decap'd Brine shrimp Eggs to feed your Mysid.

When you feed live mysid to your fish and seahorses make sure the mysid are themselves nutritional by feeding them the best food,  concentrated copepods.

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Mysid Shrimp Food
Written by Amy P. on 26th Mar 2023

The Mysid seem to love it!