Live Forage Micro Clean up Crews

Live forage animals and micro clean up crews. These animals make the best live food for aquariums, and live foods for fish.

Essential to introduce these small animals to the reef tank aquarium to bridge the gap between the larger animals like fish and the smallest animals like bacteria.

These small crustaceans and plankton occupy an essential link in the chain of life that we are trying to reproduce in our captive kept reef systems we call our home display aquariums.

Small animals such as Saltwater Feeder Shrimp, Amphipods, Copepods, Rotifers, Phytoplankton occupy a crucial role in maintaining the balance in our earths' ecosystem which we are duplicating on a minor scale in our saltwater reef tank aquariums.


Benefits of small animals in the aquarium tank.


Micro Clean up crew. Consumes unwanted coating slime algae from all surfaces.


Maintain clean sand bed and Live rock. Promotes healthy bacteria growth and calcareous coralline algae growth.


Source of live prey. Live forage organisms.


Provide key nutritional elements like live enzymes, Amino Acids, and Omega Fatty Acids that are necessary for the health and longevity growth of fish and corals.


Maintain water quality.


Help maintain healthy macro algae growth like chaeto by eating coating nuisance slime algae off chaeto surface which promotes growth in the macro.


Feed themselves by eating left over food and fish waste.


This breaks down the excess protein sooner into smaller bits so the next organism in the chain (nitrifying bacteria) or the cycle can break it down further.


Very interesting little creatures to observe in the aquarium.