3 Size Range C

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Live Forage clean up crew 3 size range contains:


Saltwater Feeder Shrimp 200 cnt

Amphipods 5000 cnt or live pods.

Tisbe Copepods 1 Gallon (50,000 Pods)


Achieve an essential link in the food chain and micro clean up crew with this live saltwater pods set.

Get the missing links to establish the Whole Life Cycle Aquarium System.

These very hardy and easy to keep little animals like feeder shrimp, amphipods, copepods will reproduce and spread thousands of egg or ova and juvenile and adolescent stages of themselves in the your home reef tank aquarium.

When you get this live plankton set you're providing a necessary integral part of the natural and healthy saltwater aquarium tank.

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Benefits of seeding your aquarium tank with micro fauna forage animals.

You will have healthy clean live rock.

Healthy saltwater plant macro algae growth.

Healthy sand bed.

A self replenishing live forage prey animal for your fish and corals.

Buy Saltwater Clean up crews live forage, Amphipods, Feeder Shrimp, Tisbe Copepods in a set and save.

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