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Get Copepods and Amphipods for sale to feed Dwarf Seahorse get Live Pods and start a breeding colony in your Dwarf seahorse tank.

Get Tisbe copepods and Amphipods to provide the two best foods for Dwarf seahorse.

When you buy Dwarf Seahorse for sale online often you won't find the necessary live seahorse food and habitat organisms like macro algae and sea grass that dwarf seahorses need for their home in their saltwater aquarium.

Dwarf seahorses will eat the juvenile stages of amphipods and leave the adults alone to breed and reproduce so you get a continuous source of highly nutritious live prey to keep your Dwarf Seahorse energetic and healthy.

Saltwater plants such as our full plant red macro algae Fire Ball aquacultured provide a natural habitat to encourage pods, copepods, Amphipods and Tisbe pods to set up breeding colonies and increase population densities in the aquarium reef tank system.

When you buy saltwater fish for sale on line you will need a dependable source of live food to keep them healthy and happy.

One such example is when you find angler fish for sale. Angler fish need to hunt live prey animals and we have all the different variety of live saltwater fish food cultures available.

Copepods and Amphipods are one of the hardiest and most efficient micro animals to introduce in to the modern reef tank aquarium.

Each culture packaged individually.

Best live fish food for saltwater reef tank aquariums. Seed your live rock and refugium, introduce amphipods to your tank on a regular basis to sustain fish and corals with live prey.


Aquacultured Amphipods will readily thrive in the reef tank aquarium and set up breeding colonies, producing thousands of newly born nauplii and juveniles of all sizes including sub-adults. Fish of all sizes will be able to hunt and eat the Amphipods of varying sizes.

Best food for Dwarf seahorse, Buy Amphipods and Tisbe Copepods to feed Dwarf seahorses.

Provide natural live prey for dwarf seahorse food, introduce a colony of amphipods and tisbe pods to keep healthy seahorses.


Customer comments:

"I was a little iffy on how good/alive these would be but after a tank crash, I thought I’d give it a shot instead of replacing a bunch of live rock. When they arrived the packing made me a little more nervous because it said something to the effect of “don’t worry if they look dead, they’re fine!” My expectations and concerns were blown away when all of them were extremely active and alive!! There were enough to instantly turn my sump into a thriving active and bustling sump again. They quickly got to work on the hair algae which had developed around my chaeto and cut it down overnight. The amphipods are a critical link in the waste breakdown process between larger organisms, such as crabs, and smaller ones such as microscopic bacteria. My next concern was, how will they acclimate? These guys were still thriving and were well adjusted the next day too- already making tunnels in my sump sand bed. If you need amphipods, these are great and will begin to reproduce through your entire setup within a very short time."


arrive alive or free replacement.

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Written by Steven on 2nd Feb 2021

best I've ever gotten-plentiful, alive

Written by Chas Cornell on 7th Nov 2020

So many pods!!! My fish love em

Written by Steven on 5th Nov 2020

Come lively& plenty& great for refugium& fish love

Great Combo
Written by Martin Hartman on 21st Jul 2020

They arrived safe and sound. A day early on top of that. Packaged well with cold packs. Doubled bagged. Marked on both bags what was inside. Will surely be buying more here again soon.