Branching Yellow Orange

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Live sea sponge branching color pattern runs from yellow to gold brown pattern.

Get rare Finger Sponges of all colors and shapes.

Set up seahorse hitching post and seahorse aquarium habitat.

Sponges make a great addition to the reef tank providing water filtration and beauty to the display tank.

Peppermint shrimp and Amphipods love to set up breeding colonies and live on sea sponges.


If you keep peppermints in your tank the will flock to the sponge almost as soon as you place them in the tank.


These two organisms maintain a symbiotic relationship with each other. The shrimp help keep the sponge clean of coating algae which allows the sponge to grow faster and healthier. The shrimp get free food off the sponge and live protected in the folds and holes crevices.


Size: 8"- 10" branches.


Arrive alive guarantee.

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Yellow sponge
Written by Donna on 22nd Oct 2021

Very nice sponge. Larger than anticipated. Great service.

yellow branching sponge
Written by Derrick hector on 2nd May 2020

Fabian is a great guy, anything I ask, or oder he makes the experience so amazing..vry helpful, the sponge arrived in perfect condition grade issues....i would definitely buy from these guys in the notch service and products

Loving this sponge!
Written by Meli C. on 15th Dec 2019

Ordered three sponges to include this Branching Yellow Orange and it is amazing! Beautiful and quite large too! It even had about 5 peppermint shrimps hiding among the sponge. A wonderful bonus. Never seen a branching sponge before and I'm loving this one. My seahorses love it even more! Thank you ANF!