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Peppermint Shrimp for sale. Get Captive bred tank raised Peppermint shrimp for $4.95 ea.

Peppermint shrimp eat pests like Aiptasia anemone.

When you buy captive bred or aquacultured Peppermint shrimp you get an animal that is hardier than wild caught specimens.

Peppermint shrimp that are tank raised will live and thrive in the saltwater aquarium,they are used to living in the confines of the aquarium environment.

Peppermint shrimp are the best way to manage and get rid of Aiptasia or glass anemone. Nuisance Anemone that can proliferate and overpopulate your reef tank leading to other problems.

Buy Peppermint shrimp at wholesale prices for your reef tank aquarium and get Free shipping.

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Peppermint shrimp love to host in sea sponges. Sponges are the shrimps natural habitat in the wild. Peppermint shrimp live their lives in sponges and have a mutual beneficial relationship with sea sponges.

Combine these two organisms in one order and observe them interact with one another in your saltwater aquarium.

Small crabs like porcelain crabs also host on sea sponges in the wild.

Amphipods and Tisbe copepods live in sponges and set up breeding colonies.


Peppermint shrimp are easy to keep and care for in the reef aquarium tank.

Peppermint cleaner shrimp are a must have as part of the clean up crew. They are the next larger animal after Amphipods in the maintenance crew of the aquarium reef tank.

Peppermint shrimp will spend their day eating left over fish food that falls in the cracks in the live rock and gets missed by the fish.

Peppermint shrimp eat left over fish food that if left to decay can cause phosphate and nitrate levels to rise, leading to poor water quality and excess water changes. Save yourself some time and effort and buy peppermint shrimp for a healthy reef aquarium. Peppermint shrimp eat fish waist to help break it down to the next level for the bacteria.

Peppermint shrimp will set up a cleaning station in your tank and fish will take turns letting the shrimp clean the fishes scales and gills of parasites. Peppermint shrimp are important for healthy fish as well.

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