Grape Macro

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Buy Caulerpa Grape Macro Algae for sale, Saltwater Macro algae.

Free Shipping.One of the nicest vibrant green strains. Clean macro algae .

Grape macro algae is one of the hardiest beginner algae. Great for introducing into marine aquariums. As a nutrient exporter, it absorbs, or feeds on dissolved organic waste. This algae thrives on fish waste, nitrates, & phosphates.


These dangerous biochemicals that we constantly strive to keep down in our saltwater aquariums, which are poison to our fish and invertebrates, are the food that this algae consumes. Thus it is a big contributor to maintaining a healthy aquarium system for our captive kept animals. So you can say it helps along with our protein skimmers to purify our water. Introducing this micro algae is a natural way of maintaining good water quality for our corals also.






You can place this grape algae just about anywhere. Main tank or refugium. It has pseudo roots which will attach to rocks and substrate.


Another benefit of having this grape macro algae growing in our saltwater tank is that it is a haven for amphipods, copepods, mysid shrimp and snails, brittle stars, micro stars, and baby fish fry. Many small micro cleaning crew animals will set up nests in this lush algae. So growing this algae in your tank will promote the growth and well-being of the micro fauna, Zooplankton in your system.


Here at the nursery we consider this hardy species of grape algae an asset when it comes to keeping pristine water quality in our fish, coral, and shrimp nursery tanks.



Other benefits:By growing this Grape macro algae in our systems, it out-competes other nuisance species like green hair algae and Cyano Bacteria (red slime) for the nutrients in the water. Thus this algae is great for keeping those unwanted destructive algae at bay or even non-existent in the tank over time. Keep in mind that the more light lumens it gets the faster and healthier it will grow. What we mean by absorbing nutrients in the tank is that by growing, it is using the nutrients in the tank for food or fuel as we sometimes refer to it. So the more it grows the more it can filter the water.




Great for Seahorse systems and fish like mandarins. Seahorses will cling to and graze on all the many micro crustaceans living in the algae. Mandarins will also constantly be looking in this algae for copepods and amphipods.