Green Lantern Shrimp

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Green Lantern Shrimp for sale for reef tank aquariums.


Our RUSALTY Green Lantern shrimp are made available for the first time in the aquarium trade.


Green Lantern shrimp are small, 1/4" -1/2" in size.


Salt raised in: 1.025-1.030. 75- 80deg F.


Caribbean saltwater marine shrimp. Not the cold water variety that is found in the north Atlantic and the Mediterranean.


Green Lantern shrimp have an outstanding bright green radiant color, almost like they have an internal tinny led light.


Great cleaner crew shrimp. Loves to scrape and eat algae all day long.



Green lantern shrimp are considered very vegan or herbivorous but they can consume some left over fish food protein sometimes.


They just spend their time scraping rocks and crevasses for algae.


They are completely reef safe and friendly to fish and other inverts.


Green lantern shrimp are exclusive to Rusalty, we are the only aquarium supplier in the world that has these shrimp and are offering them to the public for the first time.


Our strain of Green Lantern shrimp originate in Florida waters and are raised in Caribbean water conditions.


Their natural habitat is that of macro algae and small rocks that they spend their life on scraping and cleaning the coating nuisance algae from.
Green Lantern shrimp feel safe and stress free while clinging to the saltwater plant stocks and camouflaging themselves.
Green Lantern shrimp make a great addition to the clean up crew package and you get the bonus of a beautiful colorful invert to observe in the aquarium.
Rusalty Green Lantern shrimp are not the same strain as the cold water green shrimp (Hippolyte Inermis) that originate in the Mediterranean sea.
Rusalty company is one of the few originators of never before seen new organisms for the aquarium hobby. Very few companies are able to make this claim.
We constantly explore and study the earths oceans and look for and find the unusual and hardly ever noticed specimens that most everybody else never saw or gave much notice to.
Look for new and exiting never before seen ocean animals and saltwater plants of all kinds here at Rusalty.



Product Reviews

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Brilliant and adorable
Written by Will on 9th May 2024

Going on day three and they are great fun to watch in the 1000 L reef system. The flow is a bit high for them yet they are adept at clinging and moving around when they want,

Red Dragon Fire
Written by Amy P. on 15th Dec 2022

Well, they arrived in great condition... I had already fed my fish, but, they saw these shrimp, and decided to eat a few before they were able to reach safety.

Green lantern
Written by Amy on 22nd Sep 2022

So cute looks good with my macros fun to watch did good job with packaging happy.

They're cool
Written by Kayla Gray on 17th Jun 2022

They are very small. Good for my nano with no fish but I wouldn't trust anything else with them. And make sure to cover your powerheads with something cause they'd get chopped up easily.

small but as advertised
Written by Brutsey on 7th Apr 2022

They are quite little. They do love algae on the glass.