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Sieve Sets 4" Pro Stackable.

Sieves or plankton collectors for sale. Buy sieves in sets and save, get all the microns to facilitate concentration of zooplankton in cultures.

Our Aquaculture sieves have many uses including rotifer culture, brine shrimp culture and Copepod culture to name a few.


Get Mysid sieves. Culture Mysid shrimp as live fish food. Best prices on line.

Sieves are made 4 inches wide diameter by 4 inch high. Made in USA, with high grade outdoor PVC material. Laboratory grade polyester mesh screen. These will hold out under extreme use in the laboratory and prolonged exposure to the outdoors in the UV and saltwater environment. Also they are impervious to chemicals like bleach, chlorine etc. View pictures for details.

If your doing water changes on a saltwater zooplankton aquarium display tank, you should run your waist water through one of our micron mesh sieves. Our sieve will catch your copepods so you don't discard your copepods when doing your water changes.



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made life easy
Written by richard on 3rd May 2016

I recently ordered the sieve set for my rotifer culturing. It makes life so much easier, works excellent.