Sieve Sets Low Pro 4"

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Sieve Sets Stackable Low Pro 4"

Plankton collectors. Aquaculture sieve for sale.

Buy Copepod Sieve sets and save. Best quality variety micron mesh and price.These sieves are made with PVC frame and laboratory grade German nylon mesh.

Now you can do your water changes and save all the copepods zooplankton in your saltwater aquarium tank.

Run the waist water through the sieve. The sieve catches the plankton. Then put the pods back into the tank.

Also used for culturing rotifer.

Brine shrimp Artemia nauplii.

Culturing Moina, Daphnia. Many other uses in our marine aquariums.

Aquaculture Nursery Farms manufactures these handy sieves strainers.

Choices of diameter sizes and screen micron mesh of all sizes. including 10, 25, 53,120, 250, 475, 1000 um Metric units.

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Low Pro Sieve Set
Written by John Allen on 2nd Aug 2020

I sprang for the full 7 piece sieve set. A bit on the expensive side but I really like the quality. It can be a bit tricky to stack a few and run the water through into a 5 gallon pail, so I bent a wire clothes hanger into a frame to hold one or more against the inside which works fine. Mostly I just set them in a sink and run already collected water through. And they are small, so it's easy just to dip them into the fish tank and shake out the brine shrimp or whatever. Filter material appears consistent in its sizing and has worked flawlessly. Just super happy with these.

This one's for coffee geeks too.
Written by undefined on 8th Mar 2014

Ordered on a Saturday and received on Monday with standard Priority Mail. Good design and decent build quality for the price. Good value. For any coffee geeks who want to sieve your ground coffee before brewing, for consistent extraction and flavor clarity, take note: This is an inexpensive way but effective way to go.