Sieves Low Pro 4"

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Micron sieve for sale. Stackable mesh sieves for aquaculture.

We have micron sieves for sale of all diameters and mesh sizes to choose from.

Reasons to buy Plankton collector sieves:

Shop Copepod sieves. Quality and variety available in one place. Harvest copepods zooplankton.

All micron mesh siezes.

Culture your own live fish food. Harvest copepods, rotifers, Mysid, Shrimp and more.

Collect or separate Copepods, Rotifers, and other zooplankton.

Made with Micron Mesh cloth to protect and prevent damage to delicate organisms.

Water pressure when running cultures through the sieve can damage the delicate bodies of zooplankton animals like copepods.

Some uses for our aquarium sieve are saltwater rotifer culture, Brine shrimp growing, copepod cultures, fish larvae development.

Sieve Outside diameter: 5 inches

Sieve Inside diameter: 4 inches

We have decided to offer these sieves to the public for the first time. We have received numerous requests for them. It seems that sieves of this size are hard to find for the hobbyist. When you do find similar sieves, they are usually of poorer quality or they are too expensive.

These aquarium aquaculture sieves plankton collectors are made with high grade PVC frame and laboratory grade nylon mesh fabric imported from Germany. They will hold up under rigorous use in saltwater, UV exposure and immersion in chemicals like bleach chlorine. We have been using them for years in our Aquaculture Nursery Farms laboratory. 

Sizes to choose from:

10. 25, 53, 120, 150, 250, 475, 1000

Also comes in sets for price breaks.

Try one of each size sieve sometimes called aquarium sieve or plankton collector micron sieves so you will have a variety of organisms to feed to your aquarium critters.


Return for refund purchase price if not completely satisfied.