Sieve low pro 6"

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Buy Rotifer Sieves for Sale on line. Get Saltwater Rotifers Sieves in all Micron mesh sizes. 

Culture Parvo Calanus Copepods sieves. Get Parvo sieves of all mesh sizes and diameters.

We have been using our micron mesh plankton collector sieves for years in our Aquaculture Nursery Farms laboratory.

Stackable cloth sieves and micron sieves for sale at RUSALTY:

  When you stack our RUSALTY sieves,(smallest micronon the bottom and so on) the 53- 120 -250 stack filters out all the larger impurities that you might have in your culture water. So let's say you  are harvesting rotifers.All the debris that is floating around in the culture will get caught by the first two sieves in line ( 250 mic and 120 mic). So you end up with clean rotifers to feed your animals.


 These are made 6 inches wide diameter by 2 1/2 inch high. Made with high grade outdoor PVC material. Laboratory grade polyester mesh screen imported from Germany. These will hold out under extreme use in the laboratory and prolonged exposure to the outdoors in the UV and saltwater environment. Also they are impervious to chemicals like bleach, chlorine etc.  View pictures for details.


Can be used as a permanent pre filter for your sump or wetdry. Instead of those messy bag sock filters.

Culturing copepods. Culturing rotifers, Culturing Brine shrimp Nauplii and adults. Use our micron mesh aquarium sieves when doing water changes to make sure you capture your zooplankton so you don't loose the pods in the waist water.

High volume filtering.

You can sieve a 5 gal culture container through one of these in 5 seconds, just to give you an idea of the possible uses.

Start by pouring your culture water (i.e. rotifers) through the sieve. Then rinse the organisms with water with the same parameters as your culture water into a smaller container, so you end up with a denser culture. Feed them directly to your corals and fish fry. You can also saturate your cultures with vitamins and minerals. Just let this super concentrated culture that you sieved, soaked in whichever vitamins and minerals you used for a few hours, before using to feed. There is no food manufactured better than live food for your aquarium. Tools like this sieve allow you to facilitate and save time and money on expensive live foods by culturing your own. These sieves can be used for saltwater or freshwater.