Sieve Stackable Pro 6"

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Sieves for sale to harvest Brine Shrimp, Rotifers, Copepods, Mysid and More. Get Brine Shrimp sieves and save with Free Shipping.

Stackable micron sieve Pro 6". Plankton Collectors used for Rotifers, Brine Shrimp, Copepods Mysid and More.

Strainers or sieves of all diameter sizes and micro cloth mesh sieve sizes available.

These sieves are made with high grade PVC frame and laboratory grade polyester mesh fabric imported from Germany. They will hold up under rigorous use in saltwater, UV exposure, chemical washing. We have been using them for years in our Aquaculture Nursery Farms laboratory.

Our sieves also coome in sets for price breaks.

 High volume filtering.

Some of the great uses for our Mesh Sieves are:

Save your copepods by using our micron sieve while doing water changes to your main display tank and sump. By running your waist water through our plankton sieve you catch any potencial microscopic zooplankton, plankton andd save it so you don't loose them in your waist water.

So if you have established a healthy population of copepods, amphipods in your saltwater display tank and you need to do a water change make sure you have one of our sieves in the 53 or 120 um micron mesh size.

Start by pouring your culture water (i.e. rotifers) through the sieve. Then rinse the organisms with water with the same parameters as your culture water into a smaller container, so you end up with a denser culture. Feed them directly to your corals and fish fry. You can also saturate your cultures with vitamins and minerals. Just let this super concentrated culture that you sieved, soaked in whichever vitamins and minerals you used for a few hours, before using to feed. There is no food manufactured better than live food for your aquarium. Tools like this aquarium sieve allow you to facilitate and save time and money on expensive live foods by culturing your own. These sieves can be used for saltwater or freshwater.


The 53um micron is good for rotifers or anything that is slightly larger than common rotifers.

120um micron is good for Copepods, Dafnia, baby brine shrimp, etc.

250 micron larger brine shrimp, copepods, etc.

475 micron for larger debris, and larger species of copepods, juvenile mysis shrimp, Grown brine shrimp.

1000 micron for amphipods and mysis shrimp.

You will notice a big difference in your corals, fish growth and behavior, almost immediately after feeding them live foods. This is the method that fish nurseries use. It is starting to be well known that many varieties of coral actively feed on small phytoplankton and zooplankton. So you will experience unbelievable growth and fortitude in your corals if you start feeding them things like enriched rotifers. You should also start seeing a lot more brilliant colors come out in your corals and fish.