Sieve Stackable 12" Singles

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Get sieves for sale. Best prices. All micron mesh sieves sizes available. Fits over 5 gallon bucket and stackable sieves.


When you buy sieves at ANF you get the best quality at the best prices and the most variety available in one place.

Use our aquaculture sieves or plankton sieve to harvest Rotifers, Copepods Brine Shrimp, Mysid.

Our mesh sieve fits over the lip of a 5 gallon bucket. As you can see in the pictures, it has a lip to fit snugly and secure, right on top of the pail. Bucket in pics not included. Stackable.

Sieve has many uses in aquaculture : Culturing Zooplankton, Rotifers, Copepods, Brine shrimp, rinsing corals, cleaning live rock, catching baby fish fry,and many more uses. Very convenient. Stackable.

We have decided to offer these sieves to the public for the first time. We have received numerous requests for them. It seems that sieves of this size are hard to find for the hobbyist. When you do find similar sieves, they are usually of poorer quality or they are too expensive.

These sieves are made with PVC frame and laboratory grade polyester mesh fabric. They will hold up under rigorous use in saltwater and chemicals. Can be cleaned disinfected with bleach. We have been using them for years in our Aquaculture Nursery Farms laboratory.

Stackable plankton collector sieve:

For multi-culture harvesting, or for separating different sized individuals from the same culture batch at one time, these also come in handy if you need to get a nice, clean end product to minimize the pollutants entering your aquarium. When you stack these sieves,(smallest micron on the bottom and so on) the 53- 120 -250 stack filters out all the larger impurities that you might have in your culture water. So let's say you are harvesting rotifers. All the debris that is floating around in the culture will get caught by the first two sieves in line ( 250 mic and 120 mic). So you end up with cleaner rotifers to feed your animals.




Return for a full refund of the purchase price if not completely satisfied.